Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Was Osama Bin Laden a semi-normal guy?

It's incontestable that Osama bin Laden did awful things. But reports after his death have shown that he was surprisingly normal than one would have assumed. He holed himself up in a compound, sending couriers out periodically to fetch Coca-Cola. He listened to BBC constantly, said his son Omar. In October 2010, he issued two audio statements urging people to help victims of the flood in Pakistan. A senior intelligence official reported that he cared about his appearance enough to dye his white beard black before recording videos. As a NYTimes blog post reports, interviews with Pakistani military, intelligence officials and his neighbors in Abbottabad relate that he was a lonely man holed up in a small house writing up plans in his small notebook to kill more Americans, "perhaps a little bored, and desperate to be heard."

How interesting!

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